Shout out to the Ford Brothers for a stellar weekend. Bryce Ford rode his butt off and won Super Mini and Cody Ford powered through the pack to win 450 B & College. Thank you to the true friends that stand with us in this sport. It's not easy, especially with two fast boys.  (PC Ken Hill)

Bryce Ford continues to hold tightly onto his lucky rabbit’s foot and earns another Super Mini win at Ironman for four consecutive wins in the class. His attempt at the triple on a 250 was definitely not unnoticed and hopefully won’t be repeated until he’s on a little stronger motor (maybe a 450). In his defense; he did almost make the jump!
Daytona ATV Supercross
Daytona International Speedway Daytona, FL
Super Mini (12-15) 1st

Wow! That about sums up the 2015 ATV AMA National season for #44 racer Bryce Ford. He started the season off winning his first of three 2015 AMA titles at the 2015 Daytona ATV SX with an overall victory in the Super Mini class. He then went on to win 2 more titles to include 2015 AMA ATV 90 Open Sr Champion, 2015 AMA ATV 90 Shifter Sr Champion as well as a tie in the Super Mini Class at the ATV MX series. Making him an 8x ATV AMA National Champion at the age of 13.

Bryce Ford is the only YOUTH rider featured in the 2016 ATV Riders Calendar.

AMA ATV MX Nationals Round 9 RedBud MX Buchanan, MI July 25- July 26, 2015
Bryce Ford clinched both 90 Open & 90 Shifter Sr classes at the 2015 AMA ATV Mountain Dew Series. We appreciate your product and support. One more round to go. See you at Loretta Lynn's.

  Super Mini (12-15)  1st
  90 Open Sr. (12-15)  1st
  90 Shifter (12-15)  6th

Cody Ford ATV Motocross
Youth ATV Motocross Championship Race Report
Mtn Dew ATV Motocross Racing - Round 8 - Unadilla MX

New Berlin, NY (7/21/2015) – Round 8 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series was at Unadilla - The home of Horsepower in New Berlin, NY. With heavy rain all day Thurs, it left people wondering how the track would be for Friday practice. Half way through the first round of practice, the track shaped up nicely, and there were even water trucks on the track, watering! With no rain in the forecast for the rest of the weekend, it was destined to be a great weekend of Mtn Dew ATV Motocross racing!

I am ATV Motocross EP5

Episode 5 of I am ATV Motocross Presented by: T.S. Signs & Designs and Londerville Steel Enterprises The rain forced practice, interviews and Moto 2 to be canceled, but that did not stop us from capture some great action on Saturday! This weeks Episode took us to Sunset Ridge MX for the ATV MX Championship A higher quality version will be available on our YouTube Channel. Help get the views up so we can get out and film another episode! ********************************* COMMENT+LIKE+SHARE *********************************

Posted by I am ATV Motocross on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Check out this amazing shot of Bryce and Peyton taken by Tanya Groves.

Round 6 was full of excitement as the track was a constant challenge of wet, dry and muddy. Due to the weather, it was a ONE moto format and that's the only opportunity the boys got to get their race on point. Both Cody and Bryce rode one of their most challenging and best races yet.

Bryce Ford went from a horrible start to a great finish in Super Mini. Coming from behind to take a millisecond win. Watching him maneuver the quad and work his way to the front was breathtaking. Bryce finished the weekend with a 1st, 1st and 4th. He still maintains the lead in three classes. This is definitely not an easy task. 

Thank you Racedaypix Photography for the awesome photos. Your loyalty and the loyalty of all the photographers and videographers in our series is 100% appreciated. 

ATV team and lovers of the sport...

We wanted to take a minute to share this amazing video with you. It highlights the youth ATV racers and is a great showcase for the sport. This was shot at the last ATV race in Kemp, Texas.

I myself have two youth ATV competitors and find this video pure joy. It's a great way to reach out to the people that are unfamiliar with the sport and show them the impact racing has on the youth.

PLEASE... please... please feel free to SHARE this video with EVERYONE in your organization and in your racing LIFE! By sharing and spreading the love of the sport...we can grow our numbers.

If you want to follow the creator of this video, or PDMokry on Facebook is the best way to see it more closely. He does an amazing job representing the ATV community.

 Robin D Ford
I am ATV Motocross EP1

Round 2 of the ATV MX Championship was hosted in Kemp, TX and brought out some of the youngest and fastest talent in ATV Motocross.We wanted to highlight the often overlooked youth riders that can also put on a great show.Enjoy and please: -Share-Comment-Like!

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After two rounds Bryce is sitting in good shape for the championship by leading the Super Mini (12-15)  and 90 Shifter (12-15) classes.  Looking forward to Muddy Creek!

Round 2 Results

- Super Mini (12-15)  2nd
- 90 Open Sr. (12-15)  4th
- 90 Shifter (12-15)  1st

Georgia National - 3/19/2015
 - Echeconnee MX, Lizella, Ga
Super Mini (12-15)  1st
90 Open Sr. (12-15)  1st
90 Shifter (12-15)  1st

Congratulations to the 5x National AMA ATV Champion Bryce Ford.
Bryce Ford wraps up the 2014 ATV Mt. Dew National season with two 1st OVERALL finishes in 90 CVT and 90 Auto Sr along with two podium finishes in 90 Shifter Sr. and 90 Open. Loretta Lynn’s gave Bryce just what he was looking for – 1-1 moto finishes in both 90 Auto classes. Bryce has earned national titles in all of the CVT / Automatic classes from 50 through 90. He also proved a force to be reckoned with as a Rookie in both 90 Sr Shifter and Open classes finishing 3rd Overall for the Season. This gives Bryce 4 National Podium finishes in 2014. Not bad for a 12 year old rider from Texas. He’s pretty excited and plans to come out strong in the 90 shifter classes in the 2015 season.

Bryce Ford has stepped up his riding and proved it at Round 8 of the 2014 ATV Mt. Dew Nationals.

Bryce finished a strong 1-1 in both 90 CVT and 90 Auto Sr and enjoyed the podium with his long time friend and fellow Texas racer Cameron Trimble. Not being discouraged by the BIGGER boys in the 90 shifter classes, Bryce continues to pursue a top finish in the 90 Shifter and 90 Open Sr. classes. He came out strong on Saturday with a holeshot and 2nd overall. He finished the weekend with 3rd overall in both classes, moving him closer to a Top 5 overall for the season. This is pretty impressive for a ROOKIE in the 90 Shifter and 90 Open classes.

ATV Motocross Youth Race Report - Unadilla MX -
In one of the largest Youth ATV Motocross Classes, Bryce Ford continued his dominance by earning his sixth win of the season in the 90 Automatic Sr. (12-15) Class. Ford leads the class by 51 points on his Honda.
Bryce Ford ATV Motocross
Bryce Ford won his sixth race in the 90 Automatic Sr. (12-15) at Round 7

Round 7 of the 2014 AMA ATV Mt. Dew Nationals in Unadilla didn't disappoint.

Bryce Ford #44 was able to Double Podium (90 Auto Sr & CVT) in front of his biggest supports from Texas and California. He is now positioned with the points to win the 2014 titles in both 90 CVT & 90 Auto Sr classes.

You would think that would satisfy a racer. But not Bryce! Disappointed in some engine performance, John Natalie tries to cheer Bryce up. But what really did the trick was when his friend, fellow competitor and mechanics son, Trevor Thatcher, offered up his own race quad for Bryce to race. After all, that would cheer any racer up. Going for it during the last few rounds - Bryce pulled the hole shot on day two in the 90 Shifter class and was able to finish 3rd overall once again gaining spots for the year end points.

As we roll into the final two rounds (Red Bud & Loretta Lynn's), Bryce is trying to pull holes hots and even podium in 90 Shifter or 90 Open.

2014 AMA ATVA Mt. Dew Nationals - Round 6 Milville
Bryce Ford is hitting the mark as the season goes into Round 6 at Spring Creek's track in Millville, MN.  He is currently leading both 90 CVT and 90 Auto Sr in the overall points, getting closer to confirming an overall title by placing 1st and 2nd in the classes last weekend.  Bryce also nudged his way to a Top 4 spot in 90 Open after finishing 3rd overall while still gaining points in 90 Shifter with a 2nd overall for the weekend.  By pushing through the holeshots, Bryce has gained points mid season.  

2014 AMA ATVA Mt. Dew Nationals - BriarCliff MX - Nashport, OH
Bryce finished 1st in both 90 CVT and 90 Auto Sr at Round 5 of the Mt. Dew ATV Nationals in Briarcliff. He is edging his way into a Top 5 spot in both the 90 Shifter Sr and 90 Open classes each round. He's getting strong and more confident in the shifter classes and really enjoys racing against the elite riders in the these classes. Bryce's friend and fellow rider in the TQRA series, Cameron Trimble, was able to join him at Round 5 and they had a blast together.

2014 AMA ATVA Mt. Dew Nationals - Round 4  Sunset Ridge
1st - 90 CVT
1st - 90 Auto Sr
2nd - 90 Open Sr
5th - 90 Shifter Sr

The luck of the "PINK TUTU." That's what Bryce was feeling this past weekend at the PINK OUT RACE in Sunset Ridge. Thank you Maddie Guyer for the loan of her pink tutu, Bryce wore it well finishing with 1st in both 90 Auto Sr and 90 CVT then following up with a great finish in 90 Open Sr with a 2nd and 90 Shifter with a 5th. It was a great weekend for Bryce.

2014 AMA ATVA Mt. Dew Nationals - Round 3 High Point
Bryce Ford was about to DOUBLE UP at Round 3 of the 2014 AMA ATVA Mt. Dew Nationals held at High Point MX. He finished both 90 CVT and 90 Auto Sr with 1st place awards, giving him the top spot in both classes.

2014 AMA ATV Mt. Dew Nationals - Muddy Creek
Muddy Creek wasn’t the kindest of all tracks for the Ford Brothers. It was a little rough and very fast. Entering new classes this year definitely has given our riders room to grow.  Bryce has had a lot of struggles this year in Super Mini with crashes in three of the four races. Taking a quick trip to ER wasn’t in the plans, but the good news is it will all heal in time. 90 CVT was the WINNER! Bryce finished 1st in 90 CVT with a 1 / 1 for the weekend.

2014 AMA ATV Mt. Dew Nationals - Aonia Pass MX
After a nice weekend in Georgia at Round 1 of the 2014 AMA ATV Mt. Dew Nationals, Bryce knows what he has to do…  But we’ll all have to wait and see what that is! After a winning season in 2013 Bryce is entering a few new classes in 2014 that will put him to the test.  He started the season with a bang in the 90 CVT classes and has a little more room to grow in 90 shifter and Super Mini.  This is always exciting for the rider (not so much for the parent).   

Bryce Ford #44
  1st - 90 CVT
  1st - 90 Auto Sr
  4th - 90 Shifter
  15th - Super Mini

Bryce Ford - Youth ATV Racer
2014 TQRA Motocross Racing Series Round #1 - Village Creek MX Ft. Worth, TX February 22-23, 2014 TQRA Motocross Racing Amateur Race Report Ft. Worth, TX -The 2014 TQRA motocross racing season opener attracted over 150 ATV motocross racers from around the country, which made for an exciting day of racing in Texas at Village Creek Motocross.  While there was plenty of great Open Expert and Pro-Am racing action, the amateur racing action was just as good with Andrew Ross, Bryce Ford, Cody Ford, Ashleigh Offutt, Thomas Coutee, Rick Raymond, Mark Torres, Joshua Hale, Tommy Vossman, Logan Steele, Brody Runyon, Robert Salinas, David Wagenseller, and more went 1-1 on the day for a perfect start to the 2014 TQRA racing season. One impressive stat from the TQRA racing weekend was that six of the seven Natalie Experience racers all won at least one moto at the TQRA racing opener, and the only one not to win was racing on a borrowed quad.   The most successful TQRA amateur racer of the weekend was Natalie Experience racer, #44 Bryce Ford with a combined six moto wins. Not only did Bryce Ford race in three different classes, he won every moto in the Super Mini, Mini Sr, and 90 Open class for a perfect start to the 2014 TQRA racing season.   Bryce’s brother, Cody Ford, also raced in three different classes, and he took home wins in the Youth Co-Ed and Schoolboy Jr. classes, and he finished in second in the Super mini class behind his brother for a great opening round performance.  Read the full story

Loretta Lynn's Dirt Days National - 8/8/2013 - Hurricane Mills, Tennessee
What a weekend!!  Three moto wins, an overall and oh yeah ... 2 National Championship!!! Bryce clinched last week but with the season ending, it's official.  Bryce ford is the 2013 National Champion in the 90 Automatic Jr. (8-11) and 70 CVT (6-11) classes.  Congratulations Bryce! 

RedBud National - 7/25/2013 - Buchanan, Michigan
Both Cody and Bryce won all of their 70 & 90 CVT motos this weekend at Red Bud. Earning them 4 overalls for the weekend and clinching 4 National titles between the two of them.  Braaaaaaap  
  Class   Moto 1   Moto 2   Finish 
  90 Auto Jr. (8-11)   1st     1st   1st
  70 CVT (6-11)   1st     1st   1st

Round 6 - TQRA
After a crash on his 70 CVT at ROUND 6 of the TQRA series, Bryce was lucky enough to borrow fellow rider Josh King's quad and win the Mini Jr class.  A big SHOUT OUT TO JOSH!
1st - Mini Jr
2nd - Mini Mod

Round 8  2013 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship
Unadilla National - 7/11/2013 - new berlin, New York
Bryce took home 3 moto wins and an overall win in the 70 CVT (6-11) class.  He is in first place for the series in both the 90 Auto Jr. (8-11) and 70 CVT (6-11).

Round 7 2013 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship
Steel City National - 7/4/2013 - Export, Pennsylvania
Bryce dominated Steel City with 4 moto wins resulting in 2 overall victories!!

Bryce had a great weekend in Oklahoma racing in the TQRA Round 5 event. He finished 1st in Mini Jr, Mini Sr and Mini Mod. 

Round 6  2013 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship
Rain, rain, rain... the theme of this year's ATVA Nationals.  Due to the rain at Round #6, the races were set to a one-moto format.  It was all or nothing on Sunday.  After a bump in the holeshot and slipping off the track as well as losing his seat, Bryce came from dead last to a 3rd place overall in 90 Auto Jr with the fastest lap at 2:12 .  He took his frustration out on 70 CVT, got the holeshot and won the race. 
Round 4 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Sunset Ridge National - 5/23/2013 - Walnut, Illinois
Obviously Bryce had a really good weekend.  His lap times on his 70 CVT were faster than some of the 90 CVTs.  He likes a long rough track where he can stretch his legs and let the bike go.  The track definitely suited his style of riding.  

Class   Moto 1   Moto 2   Finish 
90 Auto Jr. (8-11)   1st   1st    1st 
70 CVT (6-11)   1st   1st   1st

Bryce Ford celebrated Mother's Day with a victory in 70 CVT this weekend at Round 4 in Wildcat Creek MX.   Bryce had a great weekend with 1st in 70 CVT and 2nd in 90 Auto Jr. The track was rough and fast, but didn't stop Bryce from pushing forward for a victory.

Round 3 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Ballance Moto X National - 4/25/2013 Oakland, Kentucky
Bryce took home his second overall of the young season in the 90 Auto Jr (8-11) with a 1/1 sweep in the motos.  This victory puts Bryce 25 points out front in the championship hunt.  He followed up his victory with a solid 3rd overall in the 70 CVT (6-11) class. 

Round 3 TQRA
Bryce continues to have great success at his local TQRA races. This past weekend, Bryce was rode to finish 1st in three separate classes; Super Mini, Mini Jr., and Mini Sr.  He also finished 2nd in Mini Mod after competing for his first time on a shifter.    Way to go BRYCE!!! 

2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Muddy Creek National - 4/11/2013 - Blountville, Tennessee
Muddy Creek brought some challenges for Bryce at Round 2 of the AMA ATVA Nationals.  However, he still leads the series in 90 Auto Jr and is 3rd overall in 70 CVT.
Class  Moto 1   Moto 2   Finish 
90 Automatic Jr. (8-11)  2nd   2nd   2nd 
70 CVT (6-11)  6th   5th   5th 

2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Aonia Pass - 3/21/2013 - Washington, Georgia
Despite the pouring rain and mud, these Texas boys sped to a great finish.  Cody Ford - 1st in 90 CVT and 90 Auto Sr. He also rode Schoolboy Jr for the first time and finished 6th.  Bryce Ford won 90 Auto Jr and finished 3rd in 70 CVT.  A great way to start the year.   We look forward to a little more practice  before the next race and hopefully better weather. 
Class   Moto 1   Moto 2   Finish  Series
90 Automatic Jr. (8-11)   1st   1st   1st  1st
70 CVT (6-11)   3rd   3rd   3rd  3rd

2013 Dockside Marine TQRA Championship Round 2
 – Moto City MX - Blanchard OK - 03/17/2013
Bryce Ford takes 1st place in Mini Mod, Mini Sr and Mini Jr this past weekend at Round 2 of 
TQRA's Series at Blanchard, OK. Bryce is currently the points leader in all three classes.

2013 Dockside Marine TQRA Championship Round 1
 – Village Creek MX – Ft. Worth, TX 02/23-24/2013

Bryce hit the first round of TQRA this weekend and competed in 4 different classes finishing first in 3 classes and second in one behind his brother!  It was a great warm up for Nationals that will start in March.  Looks like the Ford Boy's speed and stamina is right were it needs to be early in the race season! 

1st - Mini Jr.
1st - Mini Sr.
1st - Mini Mod
2nd - Super Mini

TQRA was raising money for Caleb Moore this past weekend at Round 1 in Ft. Worth and the boys were able to bring home a piece of history.   

Cody and Bryce are proud to have Caleb Moore's gear from his Winter X Games competition where Caleb and Colton performed their famous tandem back flip.